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I painted a mural on our chicken coop, as yah do!

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If you follow me on instagram @GrayDayStudio then you might have seen the process of painting this mural on my chicken coop. I shared it in my stories and then as a final post including videos, so funny with some curious chickens poking about! 

Overall this was really fun and rewarding. My success was greatly improved by putting up a beach umbrella for shade!  The texture of the plywood made it very tricky to paint. Before painting, I sketched out some designs in my sketchbook first and then used it as a reference to free hand the image. After painting most of the design, I had to go back with the white in order to sharpen the lines of the blue.  Someone pointed out on instagram that it's very fallopian tubes! haha not intentional and now that's all I can see! ;)  Originally there were more flowers, but I had to simplify the design in order for it to "read" from a distance IE: the house ;)

I'm also planning on painting a design on the coop's door too. I'll keep you posted. ;)


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